Front-matter is a block of YAML or JSON at the beginning of the file that is used to configure settings for your writings. Front-matter is terminated by three dashes when written in YAML or three semicolons when written in JSON.


title: Hello World
date: 2013/7/13 20:46:25


"title": "Hello World",
"date": "2013/7/13 20:46:25"

Settings & Their Default Values

Setting Description Default
layout Layout
title Title
date Published date File created date
updated Updated date File updated date
comments Enables comment feature for the post true
tags Tags (Not available for pages)
categories Categories (Not available for pages)
permalink Overrides the default permalink of the post

Categories & Tags

Categories and tags are only supported in posts. Categories apply to posts in order, creating a hierarchy of classifications and sub-classifications; tags sit at the same level with each other and do not care about how they are ordered.


- Sports
- Baseball
- Injury
- Fight
- Shocking