AgileSite v3

Agile for Oracle WebCenter Sites

AgileSites is Agile for Sites


All you need to implement Agile.

For real.


Keep quality under control.

No more regressions.


Manage your sources with Git, Subversion or your favorite.

All of them.


Automated build, test and delivery.

Automated happiness.


SuperCoders not needed!

Design your HTML

Code in simple Java

Bind with Jquery

AgileSites does the rest

Do you know Java/HTML/Jquery?
That is all you need to start!

(but you can use all the OWCS APIs!)

AgileSites is an all-inclusive development tool

AgileSites support Continuous Integration

AgileSites is an ORM for OWCS

Generate your content model out of Java Annotations

AgileSites load JavaBeans for you

AgileSites is a JSP macro preprocessor

Build your templates out of pure HTML in Jquery syntax

AgileSites splits HTML for you

AgileSites is an all-in-one command shell

Can install OWCS for you

Included CSDT, CatalogMover and much more

Compile, builds, deploy, test

Tons of support functions included

AgileSites 3 produces standard, readable supported OWCS code

You can stop using it at any time

You can read and edit the generated code

You can use all the OWCS APIs

The generated site is 100% compliant to Oracle Guidelines